Neela Design Architecture Process

The Process

It starts with your dream or idea. At Neela Design, we listen to you and your needs, your desires, your requirements.  After taking everything into consideration, with our expertise, we give you the best possible solution. It is a series of sketches but many variables are taken into account. The location, your basic and future needs, your life styles, your budget, the existing condition of the building, the different materials available, the structure of the building, time line, energy saving issues and of course the most important creating your space which reflects your sense of happiness.

We work with you to make schematic design, make drawings to communicate with you. We also recommend new materials and construction method. After finalization of the design, construction drawings are made for submittal to the city for permit. They are used to get contractors' bids as well as to construct the building.

If you need our help to help you select the contractor, we offer that service. We can manage the entire construction process and help you stop making costly mistakes. We are with you for the entire process to make your dream into reality in the most efficient way.

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